• Structured Domain Randomization: Bridging the Reality Gap by Context-Aware Synthetic Data [ICRA 2019]

    Research with NVIDIA Simulation Technology, and University of Toronto. Paper: arXiv With Aayush Prakash, Shaad Boochoon, Mark Brophy, David Acuna, Eric Cameracci, Gavriel State, Omer Shapira, Stan Birchfield Domain Randomization, a method for generalizing synthetic…

  • Kinesthetic Haptics for VR [SIGGRAPH 2017 & RoboSoft 2018]

    Research around safe Kinesthetic Haptics for Virtual Reality, at NVIDIA research and the Cornell Organic Robotics Lab. Safe Kinesethetic Haptics – that is, experiences that interact with the muscle spindles, not the receptors underneath the surface…

  • Towards Infinite Virtual Reality Redirected Walking [SIGGRAPH 2018]

    Work at NVIDIA Research, Stony Brook University and Adobe Research. Paper: PDF Videos: Our research video, Two Minute Papers (thanks!) Elsewhere: NVIDIA Research Page, Adobe Research Page, NYU Immersive Computing Lab, Li-yi Wei. Morgan Mcguire Paper Pages: ACM Transactions…

  • FORMA [0.02]

    A modern dance piece for four digitized contact dancers, four participants, and a game server.

  • Carol: Dearest….

    A Stereo 360 video promo to the 50’s film.


    A child sits with her family a basement. Meanwhile, their city is bombed.

  • Merrell Trailscape

    The World’s First Commercial Room-Scale VR Experience

  • Avengers VR: Tony Stark’s Lab

    Promotional Gear VR App

  • Google Play : Music For Everything You Do

    360 Video For Google Play’s Music Platform.

  • Interstellar VR

    The VR Complement to Christopher Nolen’s Film.

  • Pro Bono I : Speakers that Only Play U2

    Why listen to anything else. Ever.

  • Horizon: a 4D Game

    A 4-D video game that mimics slit-scan photography to generate geometries.

  • Thinnair: Room-Scale VR w/ Haptics [2013]

    I made roomscale VR in 2013.

  • DDSOS: Listen to the war on the internet

    An installation collecting Denial of Service attacks on the internet and turning them into distress calls.

  • CLOUDS Interactive Documentary [Generative Animation]

    Generative animation and programming for the world’s first film documentary made with code.

  • Mine: A tool against data miners

    Microsoft Design Expo 2013: Best System Design

  • Oscillations

    I can tell you what it is, but I don’t think you’ll ask.

  • Ørsted: Magnetic Fashion Show Concept

    ITP 2013 Concept Show

  • P5 Texture Map [Processing Addon]

    Processing Projection Mapping Addon

  • Pixel Permutations

    Exploring data structures for image representation, and the algebra that lies underneath.

  • Power Plants / Max’s Room – Plant Touch Interface [Installation]

    Touch interface made of plants that transforms a room into a forest.

  • Cannons – The Summer Is Here For Good [Music Video]

    A music video out of Cannons’ Takeaway show at “Speaker’s Corner” on Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv. Directed, Cut and Graded by Omer Shapira. Shot by Omer Shapira and Omer Senesh. Art by Nitzan Bartov. Tools:…

  • ForceField – Spatial Music Sequencer

    Kinect, Processing, MIDI, projectors and discarded bridal veils

  • Promo – Selected Work [Promo]

    Several promos directed for Channel 10 in 2009. All rights reserved to Channel 10.

  • Syntactic – Machine Learning From Text

    A Syntax Computation project, complete with Linguistic engines and Data visualizations

  • WAVES Music Blog [Web]

    Making a music blog visually interpret its genre.

  • Channel 10 News – Selected Work [Documentary]

    Stories I edited for various magazines in Channel 10, 2006-2008. Translation in progress. All rights reserved to Channel 10 News.

  • “Fits in a Box” – Amazon.com ad contest entry [Ad]

    A submission to the 2009 30-second spot contest for Amazon.com. Tools: After Effects, Flame, an internet connection. Done in 2 weeks in 2009, this submission for Amazon’s advert contest was meant to look domestic: crumpled…

  • “Israeli Intelligence” – Visual Effects [Film]

    Award-Winning special effects for Israel’s cult comedy hit