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Power Plants / Max’s Room – Plant Touch Interface [Installation]

  • Date Completed: November 2012

Video up soon.

A digital forest grown ny touching plants.
Omer Shapira, Shilpan Bhagat, Adam Quinn


Capactive touch interface using the Touché technology by Disney Research. Arduino microcontrollers send a frequency sweep and measure the change in capacitance in the plants. The touch is translated to a discrete state (out of 4) by using a machine learning algorithm. That state is then sent to the simulation AI, which in turn controls the graphics engine and soundscape.
Built with Arduino/AVR C for collection and Java for data processing.


Generative trees using the Lindemayer fractal description system (L-System) modified with noise and a custom built physics engine.
Built in Processing 1.5 with OpenGL.

Sound & AI

Sounds of moving furniture, genertive noise, recordings of birds, glockenspiel and toy piano.
Realtime control with Max/MSP.

“Power Plants/Max’s Room” was a midterm work for Dustyn Roberts’ Physical Computing class at ITP. It was featured at the ITP show, winter 2012.