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“Israeli Intelligence” – Visual Effects [Film]

  • Date Completed: June 2007

‘Israeli Intelligence’ is a comedy film about the Mossad, directed by Alon Gur Arye. It is Israel’s largest documented volunteer-based film (a crew 300 strong), which has been screening for 5 years straight since its release.

Tools: After Effects, 3ds Max, Custom JavaScript motion libraries.

As with a lot of low-budget films, Special Effects were reverse-engineered into the film. The movie was shot in 2003, when touchscreen phones were somewhere between sci-fi and wizardry. When postproduction began in late 2006, the iPhone was already running the rumor mill, so things had to change. The main device used by the agents in the film had to be rethought, using holograms instead of displays. The interaction scheme chosen was to use buggy technology mockups, corresponding with the half-baked philosophy of military-grade device UIs. The thing needed to be as powerful as a tank, but still as comfortable as one.


  • Winner of the 2009 Houston Comedy Film Festival : Best Special Effects
  • ‘Israeli Intelligence’ won 4 other awards:¬†Best Director (Houston Comedy Film Festival 2009), Audience Choice (Toronto World Of Comedy Film Festival 2009), Best Action Film (¬†Action On Film Festival 2010), Best Comedy (Dixie Film Festival 2010)