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Posted by Omer

05 Mar 2013 — No Comments

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Oscillations (click for fullscreen) is something I wrote in processing.js. It’s an experiment in iterated linear interpolations of trigonometric functions.


  • The mouse controls the sampling frequency
  • The up/down keys control the frequency multiplier
  • The left/right keys control the y phase.

Posted by Omer

03 Mar 2013 — No Comments

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This is a little thing I’ve been working on for James George’s class. It’s a sketch that evolves a 2D image sequence from a single video line. Right now it uses some form of averaging, but soon I’ll write a 1D cellular automaton to make it more interesting. Here are some results.

Here’s the code:

 *  Type 1,2 for different 'flame' modes
 *	type 'c' to turn clipping on/off
 *	@author Omer Shapira


Capture video;
PImage img;
boolean clip = true;
int type = 0;

void setup(){
  size(640, 480);
  video = new Capture(this);
  img = createImage(640,480, RGB);

void draw(){

void update(){
  if (video.available() == true) {;

    int ix,iy;
    for (int i = width*height-1; i>=0; i--){
      ix = i%width;
      iy = i/width;
      if (iy >= height-2){
        img.pixels[i] = video.pixels[i];
        } else {
        	switch (type){
        		case 0 :
        			img.pixels[i] = averageColors(clip, img.pixels[i+width - 1], img.pixels[i+width] ,(ix==width-1? img.pixels[i+width - 1] : img.pixels[i+width + 1]), img.pixels[i+width*2]);
        		case 1 :
        			img.pixels[i] = averageColors(clip, img.pixels[i], img.pixels[i+width]);		


int averageColors(boolean clip, color... colors){
  float tempfloat = 0;
  int tempColor = 0;

  for (int i = 0; i<4; i++){
    int range = 255<<(8*i);
    for (color c : colors){
          tempfloat += (c&range);

    tempfloat /= (float) colors.length;
    tempColor += (!clip ? int(tempfloat) : int(tempfloat)&range);
    tempfloat = 0;
return tempColor;

void keyTyped(){
	if (key < '9' && key > '0'){
	type = int(key)%2;	
	} else if (key=='c') {
		clip = !clip;

Posted by Omer

28 Feb 2013 — No Comments

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I released the code I used to projection-map my Inverse Kaleidoscope (documentation coming soon). P5 Texture Map is a projection mapping addon I wrote for the project. It only uses Java and Processing (no external OpenGL libraries). Version 0.1 is now available on GitHub.


Posted by Omer

29 Dec 2011 — No Comments

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Kinect, Processing, Projector, bridal veil.

This is a project I’ve been working on with Ohad Ron: an audiovisual feedback system to gestures. It uses spatial segmentation with readings from Kinect and some Computer Vision, and outputs to MIDI.

Here’s a demo: