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I’m a Researcher, Software Engineer, and an Artist.

I’m currently a Senior Engineer at NVIDIA, working on Omniverse.
Before that I was the Director of VR at Fake Love.
Before that I was a Virtual Reality Developer at Framestore.
Before that, a Researcher at the NYU Media Research Lab.
Before that, I studied Mathematics and Linguistics at Tel Aviv University, and Mastered in Human-Computer Interaction at New York University.
Before that, I was a Director at Channel 10 (now Channel 13), and Co-Hosted a TV Show About the Internet.

My current research interests are Computer Graphics, VR, Whole-Body Interaction, Haptics, Human-Robot Interaction, and Neural Synthetic Imaging.



Press & Interviews

Residencies & Shows

Workshops & Talks

  • XRDC 2019: This Machine Has No Brain, Can It Use Yours? [schedule]
  • DIGILITY: VR As a Debugger for Robots
  • CIFAR: The Future of Neuroscience and VR: Roundtable, 2019
  • Thinking With Your Body, Virtual Reality Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA, November 2016
  • Art && Code: WEIRD REALITY, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, October 2016 [link]
    • “Content in VR” – Panel
    • “There’s More to it than Just Shoving Photons in Ur Face” – Workshop [video]
  • World’s Fair Nano, NYC, August 2016 [video]
  • Oculus Launch Pad, Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, CA, May 2016
  • Creative Tech Week, May 2016: VR at Fake Love [slides]
  • NYU ITP, April 2016 : VR Filmmaking Is Not
  • KILLSCREEN Versions 2016 : The Painful Introduction To Virtual Reality [slides]
  • NYVR March 2015: Things I Learned Making VR in a VFX Company [slides]